In the Beginning

When we began Donovan & Ho in 2014, our vision was to be a law firm in Malaysia best known for its vibrancy, innovation and excellent service standards. We also had a mission to educate the public on legal issues and to make legal knowledge accessible.

“I am proud to be the first lawyer they hired. Working at Donovan & Ho felt like it was possible to have work life balance as a lawyer. It was a pleasure working there. I believe in the vision of the firm that education is the way forward – we must first give value before we receive.”

– J.Ong, Former Associate

During our early years, we faced challenges that included the deep-seated conservatism and traditionalism of the legal industry, while trying to establish a reputation in a fiercely competitive market. In an era when Malaysian law firms lacked an active social media presence, we distinguished ourselves as one of the pioneering firms that fully harnessed social media and the internet to connect with the public.

The Journey

Defying convention, we have set benchmarks across the industry by championing the cause of legal understanding to honour our social responsibility. Our endeavours extend beyond boardrooms as we tirelessly work towards simplifying legal jargon, and raising awareness on legal issues that affect our society.

Staying true to our commitment to make legal knowledge accessible, our endeavours have encompassed thoughtfully written articles, bite-sized legal information, educational videos and informative comics. As we stand today, our website has more than 550 articles available for free, with views in the millions from all corners of the globe.

“I first came across Donovan & Ho when I had to oversee employment matters for my company which was not my forte. I had to do a lot of reading and research. I then stumbled upon the firm’s articles and found them to be simple, straightforward and easy to read. This was when I decided to introduce the firm to my Company and entrusted the firm with employment portfolio. With the team’s reassuring knowledge and experience, we saved a lot of time explaining the issues and discussing strategies.”

– H. Johari, Head of Legal & Business Integrity

Our efforts and innovative approach led us to be recognised as one of Asian Legal Business’ “Firms to Watch” in 2016.

“Donovan & Ho might be young (launched 2014) and small, but the firm is hard to miss online thanks to its robust social media strategy…And by the looks of it, the approach is working.”

– Asian Legal Business’ “Firms to Watch”, 2016

We have earned a reputation for excellent services. We are consistently ranked and recognised in publications, including the Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, asialaw Profiles, Benchmark Litigation and IFLR 1000, standing among some of the oldest and largest firms in Malaysia.

From a small team of two passionate individuals, we have grown into a dynamic workforce united by our commitment to re-energising the practice of law. As we continue to progress, our journey has been defined by meaningful collaborations with clients from all around the world, big and small, and across various sectors that have led to impactful solutions and enduring partnerships.

“The collaborative and collegiate work environment is the most striking aspect of the firm’s culture. Even though each person may have different job scopes, everyone is more than willing to help each other out in finding the solution to your work issues. The level of synergy in the firm is something that I truly cherish and appreciate.”

– H.E. Leow, Associate

“I enjoy working here because of the “team” environment. There is a positive working culture and Donovan & Ho is always supporting us to grow professionally and personally.”

– N. Aiman, Administrative Manager

Reflecting on our success stories, we have served a diverse clientele ranging from individuals and start-ups, to family-run businesses, multinational corporations, and renowned brand names across various industries, including healthcare, hotels and hospitality, technology, F&B, manufacturing, chemicals, construction, property development, and professional services.

“What sets Donovan & Ho apart is that personal touch. They don’t just specialise in giving sound legal advice and service, but they do take pride in their work. It feels like it’s tailor-made to suit the needs of their clients. To do so, much effort is made to understand their clients, their business, and their needs.”

– G. Ramakrishnan, Senior Employment Counsel

“They are committed to their client’s needs. This is evident in their commitment to clear communication ensuring that clients are well-informed at every stage of their case. They are efficient and responsive whereby they are quick to address any concerns or questions.”

– V. Ranganathan, Legal Assistant Manager

Looking Ahead

With a decade behind us, we are excited for the future. Looking ahead, we set our vision higher and broader, aiming to forge strong strategic partnerships to better serve our global clientele. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members who have been an integral part of this incredible journey.

“I first came across Donovan & Ho through a recommendation, when I moved to Kuala Lumpur 9 years ago, and was setting up my business. From the get-go, we were able to establish a professional, trusting working partnership. Donovan & Ho have been my ‘go to’ employment and general corporate law firm ever since.”

– S. Baxendale, Founder

“Every year is a milestone to be celebrated, but surpassing 10 years is something special; a testament to their quality of service. I only wish for continued success over the next 10 years.”

– D. Woodroof, Founder