Application Requirements

Application Requirements

We value multi-talented individuals who can work well in a team, and we continually invest in the well-being and growth of our people.

Application Instructions

  • Please email your cover letter, CV and relevant transcripts to
  • Indicate which position you are applying for. Associate applicants must indicate which practice group they are interested in.
  • We receive numerous applications on a daily basis. As such, we regret that applications which do not meet the requirements set out in this page will be rejected automatically.
  • We do not entertain general enquiries about whether there is vacancy for a particular position. If you are interested to apply for a particular position, we encourage you to submit a complete application.

CV Requirements

    • Current contact details (mobile phone number and e-mail address)
    • Recent profile photo
    • Education (please attach transcripts)
    • Work experience
    • 2 referees (from supervisors and not peers)

    Personality Test

    Please complete this personality test and include a screenshot of your results. 

    Cover Letter Requirements

    If the vacancy you are applying for does not state specific cover letter requirements, your cover letter must, at a minimum, include the following information:

    • Why do you want to work at Donovan & Ho, and what sort of impact do you hope to make here?
    • What steps have you taken to improve yourself over the past year?
    • Do you agree with the results of the personality test? Why?

    Your cover letter should be between 400 to 700 words.